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    Sauna Benefits

    • Complexion
      May 14, 2024 Brandon Willshaw


      Chromotherapy: Colour Light Therapy Benefits While colors can have an impact on our moods, performance, and even how we make purchases, Chromotherapy (or colour light therapy) benefits include healing in a variety of areas in the body and mind. Poor mental...

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    • Chromotherapy
      May 14, 2024 Brandon Willshaw


      What is Chromotherapy? Chromotherapy, also called colour light therapy, has been a holistic healing treatment for centuries. The treatment has gained both popularity and validity since the 20th century when a published set of scientific principles explained the complete doctrine of chromotherapy and how...

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    • Daily Detox
      May 11, 2024 Brandon Willshaw

      Daily Detox

      Dr Sherry A Rogers - “The only way your body gets rid of harmful substances on its own is by perspiring. You can go jogging, exercise, work in the garden...but an infrared session is easier and more measurable, because it is much more effective and more comfortable.”
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