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  • Recover Hyperbaric Chambers Recover L90 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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    Recover Hyperbaric Chambers Recover L90 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

    The Recover L90 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber is an advanced solution for home, gym, or studio hyperbaric oxygen treatment sessions. To provide the benefits of hyperbaric chambers, this innovative chamber combines cutting-edge technology with optimum comfort.

    Key Features

    1. 1.4 ATA (5.5psi) operation for optimal pressure range without sacrificing space.

    2. A long-lasting multi-surface zipper seal offers a safe and secure hyperbaric oxygen chamber experience.

    3. A large transparent viewing window and optional oxygen supply via face mask for a comfortable session.

    4. The interior metal structure keeps the chamber's form even when deflated.

    5. Antibacterial memory foam mattress with cotton and bamboo cover for a hygienic and comfortable experience in your home hyperbaric chamber.

    6. Pure oxygen rich air is provided by an oil-free air compressor and a sophisticated PSA Molecular sieve absorption filter.

    7. During oxygen treatments, our portable hyperbaric chamber prioritises safety and convenience with an emergency pressure relief valve and an easy entry and exit mechanism.

    8. Our chambers are supported by template risk assessments, operating procedures, and on-site training, ensuring simple setup and proper usage throughout the UK and Ireland.

    Please contact us if you want to learn more about our hyperbaric chamber pricing and delivery choices.

    Why Choose Recover Hyperbarics?

    Quality Assurance - Hyperbaric Chamber UK CA

    Furthermore, we manufacture all of our equipment in ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 certified facilities. Furthermore, every hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber type comes with a UKCA or CE Declaration of Conformity.

    Safety First

    Our company is committed to your safety while undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We provide the following security features:

    • The emergency pressure relief valve allows for rapid depressurization in less than 45 seconds.

    • With our hyperbaric chambers' internal and external pressure displays, you can keep track of pressure levels both inside and outside. For greater control and to ensure a safe hyperbaric therapy experience.

    • Overpressure relief valve that prevents the chamber from becoming overly pressurised.

    • Our hard shell hyperbaric chamber's innovative zip door design allows for easy entry and departure.

    • CE/UKCA compliance for chamber and auxiliary equipment.


    Max Pressure:

    • 1.4ATA (5.5psi)


    • 90×225cm(36×89″)

    Auxiliary Equipment:

    • 72L/Min Air Compressor

    • 1-10L/m Oxygen Concentrator
    • Air Dryer

    Product Specification Comparison

    Package Includes

    • 90cm portable HBOT chamber with a maximum 1.4ATA (7psi) operating pressure.

    • Mattress made of antibacterial cotton and bamboo memory foam.

    • Oil-free air compressor with sophisticated filtration.

    • Oxygen concentrator with 1-10L/min continuous oxygen generation (no tank required).

    • Refrigeration Technology Using Semiconductors Temperature and humidity management with an air dryer.

    • The cost of site/home setup, installation, training, warranty, and support for a transparent hyperbaric chamber.

    • Operating procedures and risk evaluations are provided as templates for the safe usage of hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

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