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  • Suns Lifestyle Maranza Deluxe Screen

    £600.00 GBP

    Sun's Lifestyle Maranza Deluxe Screen

    Introducing the Maranza Deluxe Screen, designed to provide shade and privacy for both the Maranza Deluxe Pergola and Rota Louvered Pergola. Crafted from an exceptional contract fabric known for its incredible durability, this screen is specially formulated from yarns developed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring many years of outdoor enjoyment.

    Crafted with spring-loaded runners, these screens allow you to pull down and fix them at three different stop positions. When released, they effortlessly roll back into their casing. The slightly transparent design allows light to filter through while providing essential shade and privacy to your terrace.

    Aligned with the high standards of the SUNS Lifestyle range, these Deluxe Screens feature a top-quality aluminium casing and screen fabric made from Textilene—a PVC-coated woven polyester non-stretch yarn. Renowned for its unrivalled strength, this fabric is flame retardant, heat sealable, mildew resistant, and stable under various temperatures. Rigorously tested up to wind force 4, these screens demand minimal maintenance, ensuring their colours remain vivid and vibrant even under prolonged exposure to severe weather conditions.

    Weatherproof Screens

    The upgraded side cassette model introduces an element of weatherproofing, enhancing your outdoor experience by offering additional protection from the wind and rain, thanks to the screens being seamlessly zipped into the frame.

    Screen Options

    Elevate your outdoor experience with the Deluxe Screen—an advanced version of the Galaxy Sun Screen, specially designed to seamlessly zip into the legs of your Deluxe Maranza Pergola. This innovative feature introduces an element of weatherproofing, providing enhanced protection, so you can relish your outdoor space with confidence, shielded from the elements, including the sun, wind, and rain.

    If you opt to include screens when purchasing your Maranza Deluxe Pergola, the Deluxe Screen stands as the standard option, offering a heightened level of functionality and weather resistance. Upgrade your pergola experience with this sophisticated addition, ensuring a comfortable and sheltered outdoor oasis for all seasons.

    High Quality Materials

    Indulge in premium quality with our side screens crafted from the finest Textilene material. Recognised for its unparalleled strength and aesthetic appeal, Textilene is composed of PVC-coated woven polyester non-stretch yarn. This fabric is not only flame retardant, heat sealable, and resistant to mildew but also stable in both hot and cold temperatures. Designed as a superior contract fabric, Textilene boasts exceptional durability, formulated from yarns engineered to endure wear and tear.

    Our side-screens, meticulously fashioned from Textilene, have undergone rigorous testing and proven resilience against wind force up to level 4. Elevate your outdoor space with these high-performance screens, combining functionality and durability for an enduring and stylish solution.

    Fitting of Deluxe Screens

    These are available in all sizes to fit in-between each legs. Be sure to take a look at the floor plan to make sure you pick the right size for your model.

    Please note that if you are purchasing to install yourself onto your Maranza model, you will need a riv-nut tool for installation. Please also note that screens can only be purchased as additions to existing SUNS Lifestyle orders.


    What is the difference between the Maranza Deluxe Screen and Galaxy Sun Screen?

    Both options are produced with hardened aluminium, powder coated casing, and durable Textilene mesh. The sun screens should be used for shade and privacy only, they can be left down in mild wind and rain but must not be left down in higher winds or overnight.

    The deluxe screens are our updated model, they are built into the sidetrack of the pergola frame, which makes them much stronger and will not allow them to flap in the wind. This screen will shelter from moderate winds and protect from rain whilst using the structure.

    Can side options be added at a later date?

    Yes, all side option configurations can be retro fitted to an existing pergola frame. Please note this will incur an additional installation charge of £200 should you decide to add these at a later date. The charge will not occur if the screens are installed at a later date due to not being in stock at the time of order and our install team will return to fit at no extra cost once back in stock.

    Price Match Guarantee

    Our goal is to always offer the best prices in our store. This is our guarantee to you! If you find a lower price at another online store, we will match it.

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