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  • Red Light Rising The Target Light 2.0 Red Light Therapy Device

    £187.00 GBP

    Red Light Rising The Target Light 2.0 Red Light Therapy Device

    Power & portability in the palm of your hand!

    In as little as 5 minutes per day, your world could be improved!

    Red Light Therapy is a science-based therapy with more than 5,000 studies and trials supporting its benefits.

    It can help anyone regardless of age and gender.

    It is safe to use, and we provide a free guide with every device with the exact information you need to know to get the most out of your device.

    Not only that, but you will also get a free call in case you have additional questions and a full replacement of the light in the very unlikely event that it stops working.

    It does not burn the skin and will not harm your eyes. Pretty much the opposite!

    And do not worry, it will not use much electricity either.

    You will only benefit from it, and if after 60 days you are not convinced, you get your money back, guaranteed.

    This could be the world's most powerful, 3rd party lab tested, handheld red light device!

    Red (and infrared light) therapy is proven as one of the most effective protocols to add to your routine.

    The benefits are almost too many to mention…

    • Fast & long lasting pain relief

    • Fall asleep faster & sleep deeper

    • Supports sharp & clear vision

    • Reduces symptoms of digital eye strain like fatigue, headaches & dry eyes

    • Freshens & brightens your skin's complexion

    • Fades & reduces wrinkles & scars

    • Reduce anxiety & promotes feeling of calmness 

    • Lifts mood & fights depression

    • Promotes faster muscle recovery & eliminates DOMS 

    • Increases muscle strength & protein synthesis

    • Supports healthy hormone balance

    • Plus so much more!

    The size of this light makes it perfect for people who need ease of movement or for taking it away on the road.

    Designed to be used for spot treatments over 1 or multiple areas of the body.

    Can be handheld with the cable provided or used with a regular desk lamp like The Tertial from Ikea.

    The light is small enough to fit into any carry on bag.

    The Target Light 2.0 has been 3rd party tested by the Light Industry Association in the UK.


    • Material: Plastic & aluminium 

    • Light size: 15 x 12 cm

    • LEDs: 48pcs 1W LED (34pcs 850nm + 14pcs 660nm)

    • E27 Screw Fitting fits most E27 lamps

    • Power cable included

    • Actual Power: 35w

    • Lens Beam Angle: 30 Degree

    • No flicker

    • Fan size: 6 x 6 x x 1 cm

    Solar Meter Power: 

    (Industry standard solar meter readings)

    660nm + 850nm Target Light 2 Intensity:

    • Over 200mW/cm2 @0cm

    • Over 200mW/cm2  @10cm

    • 191mW/cm2  @20cm

    • 132mW/cm2  @30cm

    3rd Party Lab Results tested by the Light Industry Association in the UK: 



    Distance (mm) Irradiance for 600-780nm



    Irradiance for 780-900nm



    100 50.87 85.23
    150 39.28 60.28
    200 33.19 51.69
    300 21.21 33.63
    500 9.56 17.48
    1000 2.50 4.58
    1500 1.28 2.73


    EMF radiation exists with almost all household electronics as it does with this Target Light 2.0.

    The effects of this, whether negative or not, have not been determined completely.

    Certain kinds of EMF’s have become a cause for concern amongst the health conscious, like Wifi, 5G, cellular signals and other wireless items.

    Due to the high powered LED’s in this light, there is a built-in fan for heat mitigation.

    This fan, unfortunately, causes the EMF levels to be quite high.

    The area with the highest EMF readings are around the back of the light where it screws into the power cable which is also near the fan.

    To mitigate these effects completely, we recommend you use the light with a desk lamp like The Tertial from Ikea or similar models from Amazon.

    This will make this a completely hands free treatment.

    We firmly believe, and thousands of our clients agree, the benefit of this powerful but affordable red light far outweighs any potential, negative effects that the EMF may or may not have.

    We are working hard to create something of the same power and utility as this light, but with a lower EMF.

    Target Light comes with an appropriate power socket for your country of residence.  Please message us if you have any special requests.

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