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  • Kratki Horizontal Patio Gas Heater

    £1,340.00 GBP

    Kratki Horizontal Patio Gas Heater

    This Horizontal Patio Gas Heater is a trendy gas heater that offers heat and light wherever we wish to create a one-of-a-kind and cosy environment. Its distinguishing characteristic may be seen from all four corners of the fire. This distinguishes it as a one-of-a-kind gas lamp or terraced garden.

    The heater can be an elegant addition to the house or garden/terrace. It can also be employed as an interesting supplement to the dining and living areas in the restoration and hotel industries. The use of a modern ceramic hob ensures natural vision of the fire. It produces no sounds or odours. It has no effect on air circulation, which is very crucial for allergic consumers.

    The heater has an anti-tip valve that immediately cuts off the gas supply to the controller if the device overturns, extinguishing the fire. Because the device is not powered by an electrical system, you can be confident that the terrace or garden will be illuminated even if the power goes out. We can prevent the device from unintentionally activation by using the built-in controller. Children or adults can switch it between on and off at a specified time and day. Patio heater also has a thermocouple sensor that switches off the gas supply to the burner when the burner flame is blown out.

    Key Features

    • The device can run continuously at full power for up to 10 hours.

    • 11kg cylinder device.

    • The device is designed to work with both propane-butane and pure propane. We advise you to use a pure propane cylinder.

    • Does not require window cleaning because they do not smoke.

    • Its launch is simple and straight forward. The heater can be easily levelled thanks to the device's adjustable feet.

    • Liquid gas cylinder powers the Heater. 

    • The lowest region of the device exterior is powder coated steel. This patio is resistant to harm as a result of its construction.

    • Glass with a thickness of 4 mm is used in the device.

    • The lower chamber device, which is affixed to the door castle, is protected against unauthorised access. Furthermore, it equally focuses heat created in all four directions.


    General Information

    Color Black
    Rated output (kW) 17.5
    Heating power range (kW) 10.5 - 17.5
    Material Steel & Glass
    Fuel type Propane/Butane (Excluding G31MBAR)
    Glazing type Corner

    Basic dimensions

    Weight (kg) 65.6
    Width (cm) 118.5
    Height (cm) 56.9
    Depth (cm) 32.5

    Technical Specification Sheet

    (Download technical specification sheet here)

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