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  • Huuden Crown Smart Grill Garden House

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    Huuden Crown Smart Grill Garden House

    Introducing the Crown Smart Grill, a garden house that doubles as a grill! With its captivating curved design and high-quality timber structure, the Smart Grill offers a unique and versatile space where you can cook peacefully right in your backyard.

    Key Features:

    1. Built-In Grill: Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the convenience of a built-in grill, seamlessly integrated into the Smart Grill.

    2. Distinctive Design: Crown Smart Grill boasts a distinctive curved design, combining aesthetics with functionality for a truly unique garden house.

    3. Flexible Window Positions: During construction, strategically position windows to optimise views and welcome abundant natural light into the Smart Grill.

    4. Sturdy Timber Frame: The glued laminated timber frame ensures durability and stability, creating a reliable structure for both cooking and relaxation.

    5. Tempered Clear Glass: Enjoy transparency and insulation with tempered clear glass windows, providing a clear view of your outdoor surroundings.

    6. Powder-Painted Roof Plate and Metal Elements: With a durable powder-painted roof plate and metal elements, Smart Grill is designed to withstand the elements for lasting enjoyment.

    7. Natural Timber Floorboards: Experience warmth and charm underfoot with natural timber floorboards, adding to the inviting ambiance.

    8. Easy Assembly: Designed for straightforward assembly, Smart Grill can be effortlessly built with just two people.

    9. Also Available as Crown Smart: Explore the versatility of Crown Smart Grill, also available without the grill functionality for alternative uses.

    Additional Advantages:

    • Flat Packed and Easy Assembly: All HUUDEN UK garden houses, including Crown Smart Grill, are delivered flat packed, ensuring a smooth assembly process.

    • Free Delivery to Majority of Great Britain: The listed price includes delivery to most parts of Great Britain. Refer to our shipping and returns page for comprehensive details.

    A Commercial Garden Pod – Staying Ahead of the Competition: In today's competitive business landscape, maximising your business capacity is crucial. As a leisure facility owner, installing HUUDEN UK pods in your garden or open spaces not only enhances your profitability but also provides customers with a unique and memorable experience.

    Benefits of Crown Smart Grill Pod:

    • Versatile Electric Options: A qualified electrician can install electricity in a pod cabin, offering numerous possibilities for heating and lighting.

    • Weather-Proof BBQs: Ensure your outdoor BBQ events go smoothly, rain or shine, by providing sheltered cooking spaces for guests.

    • Delight Visitors in Open Spaces: Owners of large open spaces, such as holiday parks and golf resorts, can strategically place Smart Grill pods to delight visitors and enhance their overall experience.

    • Take Business to the Next Level: Installing Crown Smart Grill pods elevates your business and becomes a sought-after space where customers want to spend time.

    Innovation in Design: Design innovation is integral to our garden pods' popularity. Following the geometry of nature, the aesthetic curved structure of the Smart Grill stands out. All materials, including laminated timber and weatherproofed wooden floorboards, boast a 7-year guarantee, surpassing the standard 2-year guarantees from other suppliers.

    Explore the Full Crown Range: Crown Smart Grill is just one option in the diverse Crown range. Explore other models such as Crown Smart, Crown Shield, Crown Shield Leisure, Crown Shield Fire, Crown Elegant, Crown Elegant Sauna, and Crown Compact. Each model caters to specific needs, providing a perfect fit for various requirements.

    Order Your Crown Smart Grill Today

    Please note that delivery is included in the price for most parts of Great Britain. Check local planning regulations before ordering to determine if planning permission is required. Contact us for further enquiries or to order your pod today.


    • For (no. of people) up to 6


    • Surface area - 4.7 m²
    • Cubage - 16 m³
    • Height - 3.7 m
    • Surface dimensions - 2.45 x 2.76 m
    • Length, width - 3 m x 3.39 m

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