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  • Huuden Crown Smart Garden House

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    Huuden Crown Smart Garden House

    Introducing the Crown Smart, a garden house designed to effortlessly fit into most gardens while reaching impressive heights. Its curved design and high-quality timber structure create a unique sense of space, providing an ideal environment for relaxation or focused work. The Crown Smart is not just a garden house; it's an invitation to elevate your leisure time with its distinctive and memorable design.

    Key Features:

    1. Distinctive Design: Crown Smart stands out with its unique and distinctive curved design, adding a touch of elegance to any garden.

    2. Flexible Window Positions: During the build process, windows can be strategically positioned to offer optimal views and harness abundant natural light.

    3. Sturdy Timber Frame: The glued laminated timber frame ensures durability and stability, providing a reliable structure for your garden sanctuary.

    4. Tempered Clear Glass: Crown Smart features tempered clear glass windows, maintaining transparency while offering insulation and visual appeal.

    5. Powder-Painted Roof Plate and Metal Elements: A durable powder-painted roof plate and metal elements contribute to the robustness of Crown Smart, ensuring longevity in various weather conditions.

    6. Natural Timber Floorboards: Enjoy the warmth and charm of natural timber floorboards, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

    7. Easy Assembly: Designed for hassle-free assembly, Crown Smart can be easily put together by a minimum of two people.

    8. Also Available as Crown Smart Grill: Explore the versatility of Crown Smart, also available as Crown Smart Grill, offering additional functionality for outdoor cooking and dining.

    Additional Advantages:

    • Flat Packed and Easy Assembly: All our garden houses, including Crown Smart, are delivered flat packed, simplifying the assembly process.

    • Free Delivery to Majority of Great Britain: The listed price includes delivery to most parts of Great Britain. Refer to our shipping and returns page for comprehensive details.

    A Commercial Garden Pod – Staying Ahead of the Competition: In today's competitive business landscape, maximising your business capacity is essential. As a leisure facility owner, consider utilising your garden or open spaces with HUUDEN UK pods. Offering customers a unique and memorable experience sets you apart and enhances your profitability.

    Versatile Uses of a Pod House: A qualified electrician can easily install power to a pod cabin, opening up endless possibilities for its usage. Consider the following applications:

    • Hotel Relaxation Spaces: Rent out wooden pods to guests for private relaxation, reading, music, or yoga.

    • Dining Experiences: From light lunches to romantic dinners, Crown Smart is in demand for customers seeking a distinctive dining experience.

    • Weather-Proof Events: Provide shelter for outdoor events like BBQs, ensuring your guests can enjoy their meals regardless of the weather.

    • Wedding Private Spaces: Create private spaces for brides or registrars during weddings, enhancing the overall wedding experience.

    • Increased Pub Capacity: Increase your pub's overall capacity with pods, providing comfortable seating in all weather conditions, including a designated smoking shelter.

    • Business Staff Retreats: Place pods in your business grounds for staff to relax during breaks, creating a comfortable retreat.

    • Holiday Parks and Resorts: Delight visitors by strategically placing wooden pods around your property for shelter, relaxation, and picnics.

    • Christmas Grotto: Transform a pod into a magical grotto during the festive season, offering an all-inclusive Santa visit experience.

    Innovation in Design: Our design philosophy revolves around nature's geometry, reflected in the aesthetically curved structure of Crown Smart. Using the highest quality materials, such as laminated timber and weather-proof wooden floorboards, our products are guaranteed for seven years, surpassing standard two-year guarantees from other suppliers.

    Explore the Full Crown Range: Crown Smart is just one option in the diverse Crown range. Explore other models such as Crown Smart Grill, Crown Shield, Crown Shield Leisure, Crown Shield Fire, Crown Elegant, Crown Elegant Sauna, and Crown Compact. Each model caters to specific needs, ensuring there's a perfect fit for your requirements.

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    Please note that delivery is included in the price for most parts of Great Britain. Before ordering, check local planning regulations to determine if planning permission is required for your pod.


    • For (no. of people) up to 9


    • Surface area - 4.7 m²
    • Cubage - 16 m³
    • Height - 3.4 m
    • Surface dimensions - 2.45 x 2.76 m
    • Length, width - 3 m x 3.39 m

    For more info see below:

    Crown Series Dimensions & Data

    Crown Smart Floor Plan

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