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  • Global Relax Eka X Fitness Bike

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    Global Relax Eka X Fitness Bike

    Introducing the EKA X® Professional Foldable Exercise Bike—Elevate Your Fitness Routine (2023 New Model)

    Key Features:

    • Stable X-Type Frame Design: Experience stability and strength with the X-type frame design, ensuring a secure workout every time.Compact and foldable design for easy storage anywhere in your house.

    • LCD Display for Comprehensive Monitoring: Stay informed about your workout progress with the LCD display.Monitor speed, distance travelled, exercise time, calories burned, and heart rate for a complete fitness overview.

    • 8 Intensity Levels for Versatile Workouts: Choose from 8 intensity levels, catering to various exercise preferences. From low resistance to high resistance, customise your workout for optimal results.

    • Ergonomic Seat for Comfortable Workouts: Enjoy a wide and comfortable seat with an adjustable height to accommodate users of all needs.The exercise bike operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful workout environment.

    • Foldable Design for Convenience: The EKA X exercise bike features a foldable design for easy and quick storage, making it adaptable to any space in your home.Simple assembly and folding processes enhance user convenience.
    • LCD Display for Real-Time Monitoring: Conveniently view your speed, distance travelled, accumulated exercise time, calories burned, and heart rate on the clear LCD display.Keep track of essential metrics for a well-rounded fitness assessment.
    • Versatile Intensity Levels: Tailor your workout with 8 intensity levels, accommodating a range of resistance options.From low to high resistance, the exercise bike allows for diverse exercise routines.
    • Ergonomic Seat for Personalised Comfort: Experience comfort during your workouts with a wide and ergonomic seat.Adjust the seat height to meet individual user needs, ensuring a comfortable and customisable exercise experience.
    • Quiet and Efficient Operation: The EKA X stationary bike operates quietly, providing a noise-free environment for your workouts.Increase intensity levels without compromising the peaceful atmosphere.

    Elevate your fitness routine with the EKA X Professional Foldable Exercise Bike, where stability, convenience, and personalised comfort come together for a superior workout experience.


    • Precision Training: Train with precision, varying intensity levels for optimal conditioning. Better control your heart rate, ensuring a gradual and effective fitness journey.

    • Cardiovascular and Heart Health: Enhances cardiovascular fitness with regular use. It strengthens the heart and helps lower blood pressure.


    • Dimensions: 138 cm x 70 cm x 110 cm
    • Weight: 31.5 kg

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