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  • Canadian Spa Company 2024 Grand Rapids Inflatable 110-Jet - 3 Speed - 4-Person Hot Tub with LED Light

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    Canadian Spa Company 2024 Grand Rapids Inflatable 110-Jet - 3 Speed - 4-Person Hot Tub with LED Light

    Introducing the 2024 Grand Rapids Plug & Play Spa V5 by the Canadian Spa Company, a pinnacle of spa technology and design. Let's delve into its standout features and the advantages they offer:

    110 Air-Powered Hydrotherapy Jets at 3 Speeds: Immerse yourself in a sea of relaxation with an extensive array of jets, ensuring every corner of the spa delivers a revitalising experience, heightened by customisable speeds.

    User-friendly Plug & Play Installation: Bid farewell to the complexities of professional setups. This spa effortlessly connects to a standard power outlet, streamlining the installation process for unparalleled convenience.

    Innovative Aromatherapy System: Enhance your spa sessions with the innovative aromatherapy feature, infusing the atmosphere with soothing scents to elevate relaxation and alleviate stress.

    15ft² Micro Ban Filtration System: Experience unrivalled purity with a comprehensive filtration system, guaranteeing crystal-clear water and minimising the need for extensive maintenance.

    All-season Enjoyment: Designed to withstand even the coldest climates, the Grand Rapids Spa V5 ensures year-round enjoyment, catering to users in all regions, regardless of temperature fluctuations.

    Bonus Accessories: As an added bonus, the package includes two microban filters and a sample aromatherapy kit, further enhancing your spa experience and offering exceptional value.

    Experience the epitome of relaxation and luxury with the 2024 Grand Rapids Plug & Play Spa V5 by the Canadian Spa Company – where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled comfort.


    • Digital Controls
    • Plugs directly into a standard 13 A household / outdoor socket - electrician not required (please note the spa will need the full 13amps available for running, e.g. if other items on the same line sharing e.g. tumble dryer, kettle, etc and would leave the spa with less than 13amps - this would not be suitable)
    • Aromatherapy canister to house your favourite relaxing scents
    • Antimicrobial filtration ensures crystal-clear water
    • Air venturi valves to vary the water jet pressure
    • 15ft² Antimicrobial Glacier filter
    • Includes 6" inflatable cover, filters, thermal blanket and delivery to mainland UK
    • LED Light


    Experience a Spa-like Oasis with the New Grand Rapids 3-speed 110 Air-powered Massage Jets, designed to immerse you in a deeply relaxing experience reminiscent of professional spas. Powered by the Grand Rapids' robust 1940W heater and 500W turbo pump, these jets deliver remarkable pressure, ensuring a gratifying full-body massage.

    With a spa depth of 29 inches, adults can luxuriate in a fully submerged experience, allowing for thorough relaxation and rejuvenation.

    User-Friendly Digital Panel:

    The advanced digital control panel boasts an extra-large overlay pad, facilitating effortless spa operation. With a simple touch, you can swiftly adjust the jets, pumps, and temperature to maintain optimal functionality consistently.

    Cost and Energy Efficiency:

    Engineered for cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency, the Grand Rapids Spa features a reinforced, heavy-duty vinyl exterior that shields the PVC inner liner from inadvertent damage and minimises heat loss. The accompanying 6-inch inflatable cover sits securely atop the spa, providing an additional layer of insulation to preserve the warmth generated by the 1940W heater. Equipped with a 6-inch skirt and lockable straps, the cover ensures a tight seal, further enhancing energy savings.

    Built to Endure the Elements:

    Crafted from resilient marine-grade vinyl, our inflatable spas withstand the rigours of extreme weather conditions, from the chill of winter to the heat of summer. Versatile and durable, these spas are ideal for year-round outdoor use, offering an unparalleled retreat regardless of the elements.





    110 -3 speed massage




    177cm Diameter x 74cm Height (69" x 29")

    Dry Weight

    35kg (77lbs)

    Filled Weight

    795kg (1750lbs)

    Water Capacity

    760 litres


    13 Amp Plug & Play


    15ft² Antimicrobial




    Polyester Laminated PVC, Vinyl, Artificial Leather

    Sound System



    Includes LED light

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