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  • Tub Tanks Wood Fired Coil Heater Kit

    SKU: 971975
    £590.00 GBP

    Tub Tanks Wood Fired Coil Heater Kit

    Elevate your stock tank experience with our Wood Fired Heater Coil, designed for optimal performance on 4ft, 5ft, 6ft Oval, and 6ft Oval Wide stock tanks. The heater works on gravity to feed the water from the tank into the heater. It has a water jacket, so as it heats up, it rises and comes out of the top pipe back into the tank. No pumps required; just add wood to the heater.

    This 32mm heater coil, equipped with a fireguard, ensures a high-quality and robust hot tub heating solution. The fireguard enhances the thermo-syphon effect, containing and channeling heat effectively.

    Crafted from six and a half meters of 1 and a quarter inch (32mm) 304 stainless steel tubing, the coil's design maximizes efficiency.

    Ideal for responsibly heating large water quantities using sustainably sourced firewood, eliminating the need for electricity.

    Upgrade your water-heating setup with this Wood Fired Heater Coil, offering both efficiency and reliability for an enhanced soaking experience.


    • Wood Fired Coil Heater
    • Heat-resistant hose
    • Brass Bulkhead Connectors
    • Stand
    • Ashtray


    • Type 304 Stainless Steel (Can be made in Type 316 upon request): 1.5mm Thick
    • Our 32mm tube coils boast a 50% greater internal volume than their 25.4mm counterparts.
    • Inner diameter approximately 300mm, with an outer diameter ranging from 360-370mm.
    • Standard 300mm tails provided, measured from the outer edge of the coil.
    • The fireguard, made of 0.9mm stainless steel plate, is expertly fitted and welded around the coil.

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