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  • Global Relax Centurion Phantom Medic (8d) Massage Chair

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    Global Relax Centurion Phantom Medic (8d) Massage Chair

    Step into the realm of unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation with the Global Relax Centurion Phantom Medic (8D) Massage Chair. Engineered with precision and innovation, this massage chair represents the pinnacle of therapeutic technology, offering a transformative experience that revitalises both body and mind.

    Crafted to perfection, the Centurion Phantom Medic (8D) boasts a sleek and contemporary design that seamlessly blends into any living space or professional environment. Its premium construction exudes sophistication and durability, ensuring years of indulgent comfort and support.

    At the heart of this massage chair lies its revolutionary 8D massage technology, which transcends traditional massage techniques to deliver a multi-dimensional experience like no other. With precision-engineered rollers that mimic the intricate movements of human hands, it provides a deeply immersive massage that targets every muscle and tension point with remarkable accuracy.

    From gentle kneading and rolling to invigorating tapping and shiatsu, the Centurion Phantom Medic (8D) offers a comprehensive range of massage styles to suit your preferences and needs. Customise your experience further with adjustable intensity levels and targeted massage programmes, allowing you to tailor each session to perfection.

    But the innovation doesn't end there. This massage chair is equipped with an array of advanced features designed to enhance your overall well-being. Experience soothing warmth with built-in heating elements that promote circulation and alleviate stiffness, while air compression technology gently envelops your body in a cocoon of relaxation.

    For the ultimate indulgence, immerse yourself in the chair's integrated entertainment system, which allows you to enjoy your favourite music, podcasts, or audiobooks via Bluetooth connectivity. Let the soothing sounds complement your massage experience, transporting you to a state of blissful tranquility.

    Whether you're seeking relief from daily stress, recovering from intense workouts, or simply craving a moment of luxurious relaxation, the Global Relax Centurion Phantom Medic (8D) Massage Chair is your gateway to a world of ultimate comfort and rejuvenation. Elevate your self-care routine to new heights and embrace the transformative power of therapeutic massage.

    Key Features

    • Automatic Body Scanning: Tailors the massage experience to your body's unique contours for optimal comfort and effectiveness.
    • Independent Leg Movement—Bicycle Mode: Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of leg massage with customisable movement options for enhanced relaxation.
    • Massage Rollers with Thermotherapy: Experience soothing warmth combined with targeted massage rollers to melt away tension and promote relaxation.
    • XD Pro Massage: delivers deeper and more personalised massage action for an unparalleled relaxation experience.
    • Gravity 0: Provides a sensation of weightlessness by reclining the body to a zero-gravity position, minimising strain and enhancing comfort during massages.
    • 32 Automatic Programmes: Choose from a variety of pre-programmed massage sequences to suit your mood and needs.
    • Hand Mat with Magnetic Acupressure: Stimulates pressure points in the hands for added relaxation and wellness benefits.
    • Calf Massage with Rollers and Airbags: Relieves tension and improves circulation in the calves with a combination of rolling and air compression massage techniques.
    • Foot Massage with Rollers and Airbags: Treats tired feet to a rejuvenating massage using rollers and airbags to target pressure points and promote relaxation.
    • Intelligent Initial Scan: Automatically adjusts massage settings based on your body's initial scan for a personalised and effective massage experience.
    • Brain Massage: Immerse yourself in relaxation with massage sessions accompanied by soothing music and voice guidance.
    • Thermotherapy Backrest: Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of heat therapy to soothe and relax tense muscles in the back.
    • Bluetooth: Seamlessly connect your device to the massage chair to enjoy your favourite music or podcasts during your massage sessions.
    • Nap and Sleep Mode: Drift off into relaxation or a restful sleep with specialised massage programmes designed to promote rest and rejuvenation.
    • Safety Motion Detector: Ensures peace of mind by automatically pausing the massage chair if motion is detected nearby, prioritising safety during use.


    • Independent leg movement - bicycle mode
    • Massage rollers with thermotherapy
    • XD Pro Massage - deeper and more personalised action
    • Gravity 0 - for a feeling of lightness
    • 32 automatic programmes
    • Hand mat with magnetic acupressure
    • Calf massage with rollers and airbags
    • Foot massage with rollers and airbags
    • Intelligent initial scan
    • Brain massage: sessions with music and voice
    • Thermotherapy backrest
    • Bluetooth
    • Nap and sleep mode
    • Safety motion detector

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