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  • Suns Lifestyle Galaxy Louvered Pergola- Various Sizes

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    Sun's Lifestyle Galaxy Louvered Pergola

    Available in the following sizes: 3m x 3m, 3m x 3.6m, 3.5m x 3.6m, 3.5m x 5.4m, 3.5m x 7.2m.

    Upgrade your outdoor haven with the Maranza Deluxe Pergola, offering enhanced protection and year-round comfort. Discover the Maranza Deluxe Pergola here.

    The Galaxy Louvered Pergola effortlessly transforms your garden, providing instant shade at your command. Rotate the winding mechanism to close the roof louvres and pull down the sun screens, creating an enclosed oasis.

    Slightly transparent, the additional screens allow natural light while shielding you from UV rays. Built-in spring-loaded runners facilitate easy adjustment to your desired height, retracting seamlessly when released. The Galaxy's versatile design caters to various garden setups, whether you seek sun-soaked relaxation, shaded comfort, rain shelter, or stargazing at night.

    Crafted with premium stainless aluminium, the Galaxy model combines quality materials, practical features, and stylish aesthetics. Available in five sizes: Matt Royal Grey, and Matt White, it complements any outdoor space with elegance.

    The louvered roof louvres, controlled by the winding mechanisms, enable manual adjustment for an open or closed space. The built-in drainage system ensures weatherproofing by channelling rainwater through guttering channels and legs to the ground.

    Versatile positioning allows the Pergola to stand alone or connect to an existing building, serving as an extension for al fresco dining, sheltered garden furniture, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, or bar areas.

    While suitable for all gardens, the Galaxy's shutter direction favours south-facing gardens. Consider our Rota model for an alternative shutter direction to suit your space.

    Galaxy Sun Screens vs. Maranza Deluxe Screens:

    • Galaxy sun screens offer summer shade, with spring-loaded cassettes and 5-stop points. Note that they may blow out in light breezes.

    • Maranza Deluxe Screens are durable year-round screens built into all four sides of the fabric. Zippers on the sides make them wind and rain-resistant, while the weighted design allows adjustment at any level.

    Both screens are crafted from aluminium and textilene, with Deluxe Screens featuring higher-quality textilene and an improved design. We recommend retracting all screens during high winds for safety. Elevate your outdoor experience with the Maranza Deluxe Pergola.

    High Quality Materials

    Crafted with precision, the Pergola boasts a high-quality aluminium construction, powder-coated in the striking Matte Royal Grey or Matte White finish. This UV-protected colour not only resists fading over time but also shields you and your family from harmful UV rays.

    Experience virtually maintenance-free ownership, as the weatherproof features and toughened aluminium ensure durability, promising many years of outdoor use.

    Opt for the optional side screens made from the highest quality Textilene. Recognised for its unparalleled strength and beauty, Textilene is crafted from PVC-coated woven polyester non-stretch yarn. This material is flame retardant, heat-sealable, mildew-resistant, and stable under varying temperatures. Textilene stands out as a superb contract fabric, specially formulated from yarns designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring exceptional durability for prolonged outdoor use. Elevate your outdoor space with the enduring quality of our Pergola and optional Textilene side screens.



    3M 3M 2.3M 3.07×3.08M
    3M 3.6M 2.3M 3.07×3.68M
    3.5M 3.6M 2.3M 3.58×3.68M
    3.5M 5.4M 2.3M 3.58×5.48M
    3.5M 7.2M 2.3M 3.58×7.28M
    • The full height of the Galaxy is 229cm at the top of the roof beam and 216cm at the underside of the roof beam across all sizes.
    • The leg post is 11.5cm x 11.5cm and the footplate is 19cm x 19cm.
    • *Outside length is the measurement from footplate to footplate, these can be removed if needed. Please refer to the drawing for further dimensions, found in the ‘Assembly Instructions’ section below.


    Unlock the simplicity of assembling your Pergola with our comprehensive set of assembly instructions included. Tailored for easy self-fitting, basic DIY knowledge is all you need, along with the assistance of ideally two more people and a set of essential tools.

    The estimated build time may vary depending on the size model, ranging from 1 to 5 hours, ensuring a swift and hassle-free installation experience. To safeguard your investment, it's crucial to anchor the Pergola to the ground, ensuring a secure foundation before the build commences. Please be mindful that your warranty will not cover any damage caused to a Pergola that hasn't been adequately secured.

    For those who prefer a hands-free approach, simply tick the box above to add professional installation to your order. Find detailed information on installation and the pre-installation guide agreement by visiting this link.

    Maintaining a natural fall of ideally 15mm is recommended to facilitate proper water drainage and correct fitting of the screens. Most likely, your patio adheres to this requirement as per building regulations. In case of a different patio level, our skilled install team can use packers under specific legs to ensure the entire structure functions seamlessly. By opting for our installation service, you are giving consent for our team to use packers under the footplates in such instances. Experience the ease and efficiency of assembling your Pergola, transforming your outdoor space effortlessly.

    Floor Plan for Each Size:

    For guidance on fixing your pergola to the floor, view our Ground Fixings Sheet here.

    Pre Install Guidance

    Before embarking on groundworks or scheduling a pergola installation, review our foundational guidance to facilitate discussions with your landscaper or builder.

    To ensure a secure installation, the pergola must be fitted onto a solid surface with a concrete pad or similar secure foundation beneath the finished surface. This groundwork should be completed before our installers arrive, as they do not provide groundwork. If needed, a local tradesperson can assist you in this regard.

    We offer a detailed floor plan indicating the placement of the pergola's floor plates based on your selected size and orientation. The floor plan is accessible on the relevant product page on our website.

    For optimal stability, we recommend concrete pads measuring approximately 40x40x40cm beneath any tiles. If you have decking, a similar approach is advised, or consider additional structural joists below the decking for added support.

    Ensure your surface is fully finished with tiles or decking so that our installers can seamlessly drill through the tile or deck into a secure foundation below upon their arrival.

    It's advisable to determine your pergola size before commencing any groundwork. However, if you've already laid the patio or deck, conduct a thorough check beneath the surface for stability. Notably, materials like Type 1 or sand are unsuitable, and composite decking lacks the necessary security without a solid foundation. If structural beams exist beneath the footplates' intended placement, successful installation is feasible, provided all footplates securely rest on adequately wide structural beams for full bolting. Plan ahead for a secure and hassle-free pergola installation process.

    What Is the Difference Between The Galaxy, Maranza and Rota?

    The functionality remains consistent across all models, with the key distinguishing factor being the height. The Rota, standing 20cm taller, serves as an excellent overhang above patios or bifold doors. Notably, the Maranza and Galaxy feature roof panels parallel to the longer length, while the Rota's roof panels align with the shorter length.

    Except for models with six legs, where the roof system is split in two, the Rota operates on a unified roofing system, allowing all louvres to open simultaneously. In contrast, the Maranza and Galaxy, depending on the frame size, have multiple roof sections, enabling one section to be closed while another remains open. Louvres on the Maranza and Galaxy open towards the longer length, making them ideal for south-facing gardens.

    Deluxe retractable screens are compatible with both the Maranza and Rota models, while sun screens are tailored for the Galaxy model.

    All side options are retrofittable to the frame. However, on the Rota model, a screen cannot be added on one side (where the roof turning mechanism is located), specifically on one of the longer sides.

    Deluxe screens, integrated into the cassette on all four sides of the fabric, offer enhanced durability against wind, making them suitable for year-round use. These screens feature zippers on the sides for use in moderate wind and rain. Unlike spring-loaded screens, they are weighted, allowing them to sit at any level rather than specific points.

    Both sun screens and deluxe screens are crafted from aluminium and Textilene, with deluxe screens utilising a higher quality of Textilene and boasting an improved design.

    For safety during high winds, we recommend retracting all screens when the area is not in use. Elevate your outdoor experience with the versatile features of our pergola models.


    Can I Build the Pergola Myself?

    Our pergolas are designed for easy self-assembly, complete with comprehensive instructions. Basic DIY knowledge is recommended, along with assistance from ideally two more people and a standard array of tools. The estimated build time varies for each size model, ranging from 1 to 5 hours, without affecting the 5-year manufacturer's warranty on the frame or the 2-year warranty on the sun and weather screens.

    Is the Pergola Roof Weatherproof?

    When the louvres are fully closed, the roof provides complete weatherproofing under standard conditions. Rainwater efficiently runs off the roof louvres into the guttering, draining internally through the legs. In extreme weather conditions and heavy rain, there may be minimal leakage, similar to guttering on a home or an external drain.

    Are the Pergolas Wind & Storm Resistant?

    Our models are semi-permanent structures, offering a sturdy and durable design while remaining movable if necessary. They are wind-resistant up to 120 km and beyond when securely fixed to your surface. During severe weather conditions, it's advisable to keep the roof louvres slightly open to allow wind to pass through the structure.

    Can the Pergola be Dismantled & Reassembled?

    Yes, the pergola can be dismantled and reassembled, providing flexibility in its usage.

    Does the Pergola Require Maintenance?

    Minimal maintenance is required for these models. The frame can be cleaned with appropriate materials and jet washed, and the gutters can be cleared using a jet wash. 

    What’s the Difference between the Rota & Maranza Pergolas?

    Both models share the same functionality, with the key distinction being the height. The Rota, standing 20cm taller, serves as an excellent overhang above bifold doors. Louvres in the Rota open slightly differently, venting fully vertical and towards the shorter length. The Rota operates on one roofing system, with all louvres opening in one movement. In contrast, the Maranza, depending on the frame size, has multiple roof sections, allowing one section to be closed while another remains open. Maranza louvres open towards the longer length, making it ideal for south-facing gardens.

    What Surface Can the Pergola be Installed On?

    Our professional fitters can securely install the pergola on any flat, solid surface, provided the dimensions are correct.

    Can the Pergola be Connected to Our Building?

    While the outside legs of the frame are essential and cannot be removed, footplates can be placed flush to the wall. Adding flashing closes the gap between the building and the top of the roof beam, ensuring a watertight connection to your building. For further details on this option, please get in touch.

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