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  • Red Light Rising PainGo Pad Red Light Therapy Device

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    Red Light Rising PainGo Pad Red Light Therapy Device

    Experience the PainGo Pad, your personal pain reliever. 

    Powered by red light therapy, it easily gets to the source of your pain, fueling your cells and actively heals pain and reduces inflammation. 

    Feel its gentle warmth melt away your aches & pains acting like a personal masseuse. 

    No more days ruled by pain—embrace the freedom of movement, and live joyfully with the PainGo Pad. 

    Start your journey towards pain free living today.

    The PainGo Pad uses a double capacity, lithium-ion battery, so you won’t have to deal with any cords or fussing to keep it in place. 

    Just grab one of the two Velcro straps included, stick it on, and you’re good to go! 

    You can get on with your day or just chill out while the Pad does its job. 

    Plus, each treatment only takes 10 minutes. Simple and easy!

    The PainGo Pad is a high-powered, battery-operated, wearable pad employing red and near-infrared light therapy. 

    It's simple to use, wraps around any body part, and stays secure with included Velcro straps. 

    Compact and ideal for on-the-go use. 

    Designed for direct skin contact for maximum treatment efficiency. 

    Perfect for targeted relief on single or multiple areas.

    Benefits include:

    • Enhanced Cellular Repair: For faster recovery.

    • Reduced Inflammation: Promoting better mobility.

    • Pain Alleviation: For a distraction-free day.

    • Accelerated Healing: For quicker injury recovery.

    • Improved Blood Flow: For efficient pain management.

    • Non-Invasive, Drug-Free Treatment: A safer alternative to pain management.


    • Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery 6000mAH

    • Pad size: 49 x 22 x 0.4cm

    • LEDs: 160pcs triple chipped .05W LED (160pcs red 660nm + 320pcs near infrared 850nm)

    • Rated Power 80W

    • Actual Power 30W

    • Net Weight 328g

    • EMF at 0cm as per Trifield TF2 : 0-1mg & 0-4v/m ( Compared to bluetooth mouse 0-1mg & 44v/m)

    • Irradiance as per Hopoo OHSP-350F at 0 cm : Average of 52.8mw/cm2 with full battery. 

    • Timer 10 Minutes

    • Material Fabric : BR Foam/ Neoprene

    • Lifespan Over 50,000 Hours

    • USB-C charger cable included

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