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  • Huuden Crown Elegant Sauna Garden House

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    Huuden Crown Elegant Sauna Garden House

    Introducing the Crown Elegant Sauna – a garden house designed to redefine relaxation in today's fast-paced world. With its clean, modern, yet timeless design, Elegant Sauna promises to be a captivating addition to your garden. The thoughtful incorporation of floor-to-ceiling windows, a signature feature conceived by our head designer, enhances the 'outside in' experience, providing a unique sanctuary day and night.

    Key Features:

    1. Built-in Sauna with Electric Heater: Experience the luxury of a built-in sauna, heated by an electric heater. For detailed information, please reach out to us.

    2. Eye-Catching Floor-to-Ceiling Windows: Let natural light envelop your sauna experience while offering a picturesque view of your garden.

    3. Great Acoustic Qualities: Immerse yourself in a tranquil atmosphere with Elegant Sauna's excellent acoustic properties, creating the perfect space for relaxation.

    4. Perfect Relaxation Place: Transform Elegant Sauna into your personal oasis, providing a serene retreat to unwind and de-stress.

    5. Stunning Focal Point in Your Garden: Add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space with Elegant Sauna, creating a visually striking focal point.

    6. Also Available as Elegant: Explore the versatility of Elegant Sauna, also available in a non-sauna configuration.

    Additional Advantages:

    • Flat Packed and Easy Assembly: All our buildings, including Elegant Sauna, are supplied flat packed, requiring only a minimum of two people for effortless assembly.

    • Free Delivery to Majority of Great Britain: Benefit from our inclusive delivery service to most parts of Great Britain. Refer to our shipping and returns page for comprehensive details.

    Contemporary Pod Cabins for Commercial Success: Crown Elegant Sauna combines modern Nordic design with a relaxing, heated interior, accommodating up to 9 guests at once. Whether powered by wood or an electric heater, this outdoor sauna ensures a cozy log cabin experience within a compact, contemporary pod design. The 'outside in' design offers guests the joy of outdoor living within the comfort of a private space.

    Commercial Benefits:

    • Year-Round Usability: Install electricity in the self-contained pods for heating and lighting, ensuring unlimited use regardless of winter or inclement weather.

    • Creative Opportunities: Decorate the sauna pods for seasonal events, turning them into enchanting spaces for unique commercial possibilities.

    • Weather-Proof Outdoor Events: Ensure the success of summer BBQs and events by offering shelter in Crown Shield or Crown Smart Grill, with guests finding refuge in HUUDEN UK pod cabins.

    Versatile Applications:

    • Holiday Parks: Enhance guest experiences with strategically placed Elegant Sauna pods, offering a unique alternative to traditional lodges.

    • Golfing Resorts: Provide shelter for golfers, creating convenient spots for breaks, meals, and relaxation during a game.

    • Private Office Spaces: For business owners seeking additional office space or a peaceful retreat, Elegant Sauna serves multiple purposes.

    • Event Services: From afternoon teas to romantic dinners, market Elegant Sauna for various events, making them memorable.

    Sustainable Design and Quality Assurance: Our HUUDEN UK range, prioritises environmental responsibility and sustainability. The timber for our pod rooms is sourced from slower-growing trees, showcasing our commitment to eco-friendly practices. With a 7-year guarantee for laminated wooden elements and a 2-year guarantee for other wood components, Elegant Sauna exemplifies our dedication to quality.

    Invest in Crown Elegant Sauna for Unparalleled Comfort: The natural curves and floor-to-ceiling windows of Crown Elegant Sauna make it a visually stunning addition to any outdoor space. Inside, guests enjoy a spacious, private retreat while still soaking in the outdoor views. Our modern take on the log cabin sauna brings comfort in a compact form, suitable for various commercial locations.

    Why Choose HUUDEN?

    • Design Options: Tailor your Elegant Sauna with optional shelving and seating accessories, offering a range of choices to suit your site.

    • Easy Installation: Our products are designed to seamlessly integrate with your heating, lighting, and electronic setup, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    Innovation in Design: Innovation is at the core of HUUDEN UK's design philosophy. If you seek something beyond traditional garden buildings, our self-contained pod cabins offer a distinctive solution, providing your business with a competitive edge.

    Explore the Full Crown Range: Elegant Sauna is just one offering in the Crown range. Discover other models such as Crown Elegant, Crown Shield, Crown Shield Leisure, Crown Shield Fire, Crown Smart, Crown Smart Grill, and Crown Compact. Each model caters to specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements.

    Built for the Outdoors: The Crown Elegant Sauna is not just a product; it's a luxurious centrepiece built for the outdoors. Our smart design and impeccable build quality ensure longevity, reflected in our 7-year warranty on timber frames. Regardless of external weather changes, the sauna cabin remains warm and inviting.

    Memorable Outdoor Experiences with HUUDEN: In a world craving new outdoor experiences, investing in an outdoor sauna from HUUDEN can make your business stand out. Whether used for post-exercise relaxation or as a warm retreat during colder weather, Elegant Sauna offers reliable comfort year-round.

    Explore the Full Crown Range: Discover a variety of innovative garden shelters and pods for different purposes within the Crown range. Browse our offerings or contact us to inquire about a specific Crown product today.

    Elevate your outdoor experience with HUUDEN UK's Crown Elegant Sauna – where relaxation meets innovation. Contact our representatives for more information on our products.


    • For (no. of people) up to 9


    • Surface area - 6.5 m²
    • Cubage - 24 m³
    • Height - 3.4 m
    • Surface dimensions - 3.12 x 2.76 m
    • Length, width - 3.67 m x 3.39 m

    For more info see below:

    Crown Series Dimensions & Data

    Crown Elegant Sauna Floor Plan

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