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  • Huuden Crown Compact Garden House

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    Huuden Crown Compact Garden House

    Introducing the Crown Compact – a unique garden house designed to bring a touch of luxury to any corner of your garden. Whether your outdoor space is limited, Crown Compact, with its sleek design and abundant natural light, stands as an exquisite solution. This compact haven is crafted for those who seek both beauty and functionality, ensuring that you can indulge in the pleasures of your garden without compromising on comfort.

    Key Features:

    1. Unique Design for Small Gardens: Crown Compact, with its dimensions of 6.7m² and a height under 2.5m, is tailored for smaller gardens, offering a unique and stylish addition to limited spaces.

    2. Glue Laminated Timber Frame: Built on a sturdy glue laminated timber frame, Crown Compact is lightweight yet remarkably durable, promising a structure that withstands the test of time.

    3. Twin Doors and Ample Glass: Crown Compact boasts twin doors and generous glass on both sides, ensuring an abundance of natural light and a seamless connection with the surrounding garden.

    4. Tempered and Bronze Tinted Glass: The tempered and slightly bronze-tinted glass not only adds an elegant touch but also mitigates the intensity of the summer sun, providing a comfortable and inviting interior.

    5. Under 2.5m in Height: With a height under 2.5m, Crown Compact remains discreet yet offers an expansive internal space of 6.5 square meters – perfect for various activities.

    6. 28mm Natural Timber Floorboards: The interior is adorned with 28mm natural timber floorboards, adding to the visual appeal and warmth of the space.

    7. Easy Assembly: Designed for simplicity, Crown Compact requires only two people for assembly, ensuring a hassle-free process.

    8. Versatile Usage: Crown Compact is suitable for various purposes, from a cozy reading nook and meditation retreat to a place for relaxation and social gatherings. It accommodates up to nine people comfortably.

    Luxury in Small Packages: Measuring just 14.3 cubic meters, Crown Compact proves that great things indeed come in small packages. With a height of 2.4 meters and a floor space of 6.5 square meters, this garden sun house offers a spacious internal room for reading, meditation, or simply unwinding in luxurious comfort.

    Quality and Sustainability: Crafted with a glue-laminated timber frame, Crown Compact prioritizes quality and environmental sustainability. The materials, including Siberian birch and natural pine, are chosen for their sustainable nature, contributing to a greener world. The large glass windows enhance the airy appeal, providing clear views of the garden.

    Endless Possibilities: Crown Compact is versatile, serving as a contemporary summer house inspiration that accommodates diverse purposes. Whether for a dinner party, card games, social meetings, or even an outdoor office or craft room, the possibilities are nearly endless.

    7-Year Guarantee and Delivery: The laminated timber and wooden floorboards used in Crown Compact are weatherproof and guaranteed for seven years, exceeding the standard two-year guarantees. The cost includes delivery to most parts of Great Britain, ensuring a seamless experience.

    Explore the Crown Range: Crown Compact is just one of the stunning designer garden rooms offered by HUUDEN UK. Explore other models such as Crown Shield, Crown Shield Leisure, Crown Shield Fire, Crown Smart, Crown Smart Grill, Crown Elegant, and Crown Elegant Sauna.

    Planning Considerations: Before considering any HUUDEN product, check local planning regulations to determine if planning permission is required. With a modest height of 2.4m, Crown Compact blends luxury with practicality.

    Discover Luxurious Comfort with Crown Compact: For more information about Crown Compact or any other products from HUUDEN UK, send us an inquiry. Crown Compact takes the concept of luxurious comfort to an entirely new level, transforming any corner of your garden into an oasis of sophistication and relaxation.


    • For (no. of people) up to 9


    • Surface area - 6.5 m²
    • Cubage - 14.3 m³
    • Height - 2.4 m

    For more info see below:

    Crown Series Dimensions & Data

    Crown Compact Floor Plan

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