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  • Health Mate Enrich 3 Person Infrared Sauna

    SKU: ASE-3
    £5,594.99 GBP

    Health Mate Enrich 3 Person Infrared Sauna

    Introducing the Enrich 3 Infrared Sauna: the ultimate in comfort for up to 3 people. This spacious sauna boasts all the features you love from our Enrich 2 model, including patented Tecoloy™ mid- and far-infrared heater technology and a 96-diode near-infrared colour light LED panel for Red Light therapy. With its wood-surround glass door, exterior lighting, ergonomic bench, interior towel bar, and three-floor heaters, this award-winning sauna promises luxury and relaxation in your own home or clinic. Best of all, assembly requires no tools.

    Approximate cost per session: £0.65

    Superior Quality

    Experience sauna luxury like never before with the Enrich series. Crafted with superior quality in mind, our saunas prioritise durability, craftsmanship, and safety. Built from solid eucalyptus wood and equipped with advanced technology, each Enrich sauna ensures unmatched heat retention and comfort. With over 40 years of experience, Health Mate leads the industry in infrared sauna development, guaranteeing a superior product with our rigorous 5-stage quality control process.

    Unrivalled Value

    Discover unbeatable value with the Enrich 3. This model offers a winning combination of exquisite design, functionality, and added details, making it our most sought-after option. With room for 3 people to comfortably enjoy, it strikes the perfect balance between luxury and longevity, meeting all your infrared sauna needs.

    Full-Spectrum Coverage

    Benefit from full-spectrum coverage for maximum health benefits and relaxation. The Enrich model harnesses the power of near-, mid-, and far-infrared wavelengths, thanks to our patented infrared heaters with high-watt, 360-degree coverage.

    Advanced Chromotherapy

    Elevate your sauna experience with advanced chromotherapy lighting included in every Enrich 3. Customise your session with 9 colors, including Red Light therapy, for enhanced wellness and healing. Learn the health benefits attributed to each colour and enjoy  enhanced wellness and healing.

    Ultra Low EMF

    Rest assured with ultra-low EMF technology in our Enrich 3 sauna. Designed for your safety, our low EMF technology applies to heaters, controllers, and electrical components, ensuring the greatest benefits at safe levels. Supported by third-party Tecoloy EMF reports, our safety standards provide full transparency of our leading technology.

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Health Mate® infrared sauna cabins are unique and unrivalled in quality. We are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty and be triple certified for environmental responsibility.


    • Detoxification
    • Weight loss
    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Joint and muscle pain
    • Aches and pains
    • Daily detox
    • Home Spa
    • Sports Therapy
    • Relaxation
    • Arthritis

    For more information, on each of the benefits, see our blog 'Sauna Benefits'   


    • LED Colour Light Therapy System - the first of its kind in an infrared sauna
    • Bluetooth speaker system
    • Ergonomically designed bench with built-in backrest
    • Indoor towel rail
    • Safety glass
    • Digital Light Touch Controls
    • Pre-set Timer Functionality
    • Unique easy-click installation system (for pain-free relocation)
    • Only the finest grade of Western Canadian Red Cedar used


    Each Health Mate Sauna is designed to easily assemble using a latch-buckle system. In around 30 minutes, two people should be able to put your sauna together. The control panels and heaters are simple to connect and come with basic instructions.

    • Tool-Free Assembly: The Enrich 2 requires no tools for assembly, meaning you can set it up easily without additional help or technical skills.
    • Plug-and-Play Setup: It plugs into any standard 13 amp plug, eliminating the need for special electrical modifications or professional installation.


    Electrical 230V / 13A / 1820W
    • Interior: W150 x D110 x H196cm
    • Exterior: W145 x D100 x H182cm
    • 5 Tecoloy Dual-Wave on Wall & Bench
    • TruInfra™ Far-Infrared Heaters on Floor & Lower-Back
    • Near-Infrared LED array above
    • 100% Natural Eucalyptus Wood
    • Naturally Anti-Microbial
    • All-natural, non-toxic
    • Sustainably sourced
    • Built in Bluetooth sound system
    • Exterior lighting
    • Interior towel bar
    • Ergonomic bench
    • Interior and exterior controllers

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