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  • Global Relax Dharani S4 - Full Body Sauna 4 Persons

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    Global Relax Dharani S4 - Full Body Sauna 4 Persons

    Experience the Dharani® S4 Full Body Sauna – a sanctuary for relaxation, skin care, and overall well-being designed for up to 4 people. Elevate your self-care routine with advanced features that cater to your body and mind.

    Key Features:

    1. Skin Care and Toxin Elimination: The Dharani® S4 sauna is meticulously crafted to promote softer, healthier-looking skin. As blood circulation increases, profuse sweating helps eliminate impurities and toxins, including heavy metals, alcohol, and nicotine. Enhance your mental focus and memory while improving neural connections.

    2. Digital Control Panel, USB, and Chromotherapy: Seamlessly control your sauna experience with the user-friendly digital panel. Connect your USB or MP3 player to enjoy your favourite music or listen to the radio. Immerse yourself in chromotherapy with 7 colours, fostering a harmonious balance between body and mind.

    3. Carbon Heaters for Even Heat Distribution: The heating element features carbon heaters with ceramic contact points for uniform heat distribution. Adjust the temperature between 18ºC and 60ºC and customise session times from 1 to 60 minutes.

    4. Immune System Benefits and Increased Flexibility: Experience an increase in heart rate and vasodilation, improving arterial tension and reducing the risk of heart-related issues. Enhance body flexibility and enjoy improved sleep quality.

    Elevate your well-being with the Dharani® S4 Sauna – a blend of advanced features and European quality, delivering a transformative experience. Trust Global Relax for your wellness journey.

    Wellness Benefits

    • Relief of stress, tiredness, and muscle pain
    • Alleviation of mental fatigue
    • Elimination of toxins and impurities
    • Improved blood circulation
    • Enhanced appearance and health of the skin


    • Power consumption: 2400W
    • Dimensions: 150 cm (width) x 150 cm (depth) x 190 cm (height)
    • Weight: 182 kg

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